Argeta Junior interactive fairy tales

  • Year: 2018

Smart phones and tablets are among the most common sources of fun for kids. A significant issue that parents face are unsuitable and harmful contents with which kids come in contact online – even on websites for kids.

That is why Argeta Junior offers parents and their kids something fun and useful – unique interactive fairy tales to encourage kids’ developmental process. Fairy tales were developed in cooperation with authors, illustrators, and an international team of 6 developmental psychologists.

Long-term web platform is active in 6 regional countries with adaptation for Austria being in the development. The unique value of fairy tales is seen in 57 copyright tasks and games, embedded in the illustrations. Psychologists ensured the games are suitably demanding for each age group in order to encourage kids to progress to a higher developmental level within the immediate development area.
The most modern progressive web app technology enabled the website on mobile devices be seen as a native application and ensured access to the contents offline, so kids can be safe from inappropriate online contents.

In a month, website was visited by more than 210.000 users, with an average bounce rate of only 2,45 % (which is great in the context that a bounce rate lower than 50 % presents a good result). An average user spent 6 minutes and 14 seconds using our books which is 7 times more than the average.
In a month we managed to reach more than 10 million individuals in our target group and  45 million impressions.